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Bosch 300 Series Built-In Stainless Steel Dishwasher with Third Rack

Model: SHE53C85N


Maximize dishwashing efficiency with the Bosch 300 Series dishwasher, featuring a third rack for extra capacity and quiet, energy-efficient operation.

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Elevate your kitchen’s functionality and style with the Bosch 300 Series Built-In Stainless Steel Dishwasher, a blend of advanced technology and sleek design. This dishwasher features a third rack for additional loading capacity, ensuring you have ample space to clean all your dishes in one go. The precision-engineered dishwasher offers a variety of wash options tailored to meet the needs of different dish loads, from delicate china to sturdy cookware.

The standout third rack provides extra space for cutlery, large utensils, and small kitchenware, optimizing every inch of space available and improving the cleaning process by preventing overcrowding on the lower racks. This feature enhances the dishwasher’s efficiency, allowing you to wash more items in fewer loads.

Incorporating Bosch’s renowned quiet operation technology, this dishwasher is engineered to run silently, blending seamlessly into the background of your home life. It also includes an AquaStop® leak protection system that works 24/7, offering peace of mind by preventing any potential water damage from occurring.

The stainless steel exterior is not only durable and resistant to smudging but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen’s decor. Energy efficiency is another key aspect of the Bosch 300 Series, which meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications, ensuring it conserves water and energy while delivering exceptional cleaning performance.


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