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Maytag Pet Pro Top Load Washer

Model: MVW6500MW


Tackle pet laundry with ease using the Maytag Pet Pro Washer, featuring a specialized Pet Pro filter, PowerWash® cycle, and large capacity.

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Introducing the Maytag Pet Pro Top Load Washer, designed specifically for households with pets and engineered to tackle tough pet-related laundry challenges. This robust washer combines the durability and reliability you expect from Maytag with innovative features tailored to remove pet hair and odors effectively.

Equipped with a Pet Pro filter, this washer captures and removes pet hair from clothes during the wash cycle, ensuring that your laundry comes out clean and hair-free. The Deep Fill option allows you to add more water to select cycles, providing thorough soaking and optimal cleaning power for heavily soiled items or pet bedding.

The Maytag Pet Pro also features a powerful cleaning action with its PowerWash® cycle, which uses a combination of heated water and robust wash motions to break down stains and ground-in dirt. This cycle is particularly effective for removing tough pet stains like mud or grass.

Designed for convenience, this washer offers a large capacity to handle bulky items such as dog beds and large towels, reducing the number of loads you need to run. The stainless steel drum is not only durable but also gentle on fabrics, ensuring that your laundry is well cared for during each wash.


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