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Samsung Electric Dryer with Sensor Dry

Model: DV25B6900EX


Efficient drying and convenience meet in this dryer, offering advanced features, versatile cycles, and user-friendly controls for your laundry needs.

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Introducing the Samsung Electric Dryer, a high-performance appliance designed to simplify your laundry routine. With its advanced features and sleek design, this dryer delivers exceptional drying performance while offering convenience and efficiency.

The Samsung Electric Dryer boasts a spacious drum capacity, allowing you to dry large loads in a single cycle, saving you time and energy. Equipped with advanced moisture sensing technology, it automatically detects the moisture level in your clothes and adjusts the drying time accordingly, preventing overdrying and ensuring optimal results.

With a variety of drying cycles and options to choose from, this dryer provides versatility for all your laundry needs. Whether you need to quickly refresh garments with the Quick Dry cycle or dry delicate items with the Air Fluff mode, there’s a setting to suit every fabric type and drying requirement.

The user-friendly controls and intuitive display make operating this dryer a breeze. Easily select your desired cycle and adjust the settings to customize your drying experience. The drum’s interior light illuminates the contents, making it easy to load and unload your laundry, even in low-light conditions.

Safety is paramount, and this Samsung Electric Dryer delivers peace of mind with its built-in features. The lint filter indicator reminds you when it’s time to clean the filter, ensuring optimal drying performance and preventing lint buildup. Additionally, the child lock feature prevents accidental changes to the settings, providing a safe environment for your family.

Upgrade your laundry room with the Samsung Electric Dryer and enjoy efficient and effective drying, customizable options, and enhanced safety features that simplify your laundry routine.


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